Sports Programme – September 11th 2014

Sports Programme – September 11th 2014
In this week’s programme, produced, recorded and presented by Paudge Deehan, we have all the Gaelic Games news from Dermot O’Connell and Declan Barron.
Paudge travelled to Cobh to talk to Finbarr Dorgan about wheelchair rugby in the Little Island Sports Complex and we also have news of Athletics, Greyhound Racing, Horse Racing, Hot Road, Road Bowling and Soccer.
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00.00                   Introduction
01.28                   Gaelic Games with Dermot O’Connell
12.00                   Gaelic Games with Declan Barron
27.33                   Soccer
34.32                   Horse Racing
37.05                   Athletics
38.03                   Greyhounds
38.32                   Hot Rod
38.48                   Road Bowling
39.20                   Wheelchair Rugby with Finbarr Dorgan
50.00                   Wrap Up